How do I blow dry my hair?

I know perfectly well that blow-drying harms hair, but, unfortunately, I can't give it up. You need to look well-groomed and neat at work, so you need to do your hair every morning. I have to choose the least harmful way of drying, which I do.
In the store I bought a soft terry cotton towel, it perfectly absorbs moisture, which is what I need. After washing my hair, I wrap my head with a towel, and this time I drink coffee, prepare sandwiches for work.
I take off the towel and spend another twenty minutes doing my business, getting dressed, doing makeup. During this time, the hair from wet becomes just wet.
Now you can start drying.
First, I apply a special emulsion to all the hair to protect the hair, so as to damage the structure less and eliminate electrification, then I comb my hair. I remove the nozzle from the hair dryer, turn on its average power, separate the strand with a brush, hold the hair dryer about twenty centimeters from the hair and slowly move the air stream from the roots to the tips. I don't stay in one place for more than two or three seconds. So I pass a stream through all my hair. I start drying from the forehead, move to the center, dry the back of the head last.
Of course, they haven't dried out yet, so I make the air a little hotter and do the same operation again, I pass a jet of air through all the hair. After that, I check if everything is well dried, comb my hair, fix my hairstyle, spray with varnish. That's it, the hair is dried, you can go to work, and be confident in your attractiveness all day.

But I like to experiment, change my image a little. If I want to give my hairstyle a different shape, I use mousse so that it lasts all day. I apply it before proceeding directly to drying. When I want my hair to be more voluminous, I use a round brush when drying my hair and constantly twist the strands a little.
Not so long ago, the hairdresser, to whom I always go to fix my hair, advised me to buy a new model hair dryer, which has an ionizer, explained that such a device not only damages them less, but also ionizes, which is a log for them. My old hair dryer still needed to be changed, so I took the advice. The purchase was not cheap, but I really liked the hair dryer, and my hair, in my opinion, too. In any case, split ends began to appear much less. In order not to miss the moment to activate the coupon when creating a gaming account, you need to click on the "Promo Code" in the registration form. The most important thing is not to forget to add during registration 1win promo code after you have filled out the questionnaire and indicated the bonus code 1win, you need to agree to the terms of use of the bookmaker's website and click the "register" button.1Win gives all new players of the bookmaker a first deposit bonus of 500% of the deposited amount.Using the 1Win code during registration is a chance to get more money on your balance.