With springtime in the air, we’re taking advantage of the Luck of the Irish with wedding day charms and traditions! Que rolling Celtic music, and let yourself be swept away in the Irish highlands.


Green, Green, Greener!

Named Pantone’s 2017 color of the year, green is recognized as a symbol of new life. Check out these green inspired color palettes by Junebug Weddings or the emerald and gold color scheme below by Fab Mood. What better color to symbolize your new beginning together as you embark on a new life adventure!




Bravery Braids

In Ireland, braids are a symbol of feminine power and good luck. Braided hairstyles can be simple or elaborate, and you can alternate different styles with your bridesmaids. Channel your inner warrior with a knotted up-do, or elegant beauty with a dreamy waterfall style.

Natural Elements

Ireland is known as a country brimming with natural beauty. Use minimalist and simplified natural elements in your floral decorations to tribute the Irish countryside. Eucalyptus, sage, or lavender are classic additions for bouquets or centerpieces, not to mention they act doubly as an aromatic component; giving off calming scents throughout the day.


In old times, Irish brides carried an upright horseshoe down the aisle, later to be hung in their homes to welcome prosperity. Modernize this custom by adding a horseshoe charm or pin in your bouquet, and for extra good luck, tuck a few four-leaf clovers into your bouquet or braids.

Irish Lace

In days of famine, Irish women mastered crochet patterns to support their families. This evolved into a tradition where families would have their own sacred designs and patterns to be passed down for generations. Choose an classic lacy pattern for your bridal gown and veil or use at your table settings to tribute this timeless legacy.


Irish folklore is abundant with ancient customs that have weathered the test of time. Involving Irish tradition into your wedding ceremony pays homage to a culture of rich heritage and brings good luck for ages!

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