Say “YES” to a Day-Of Coordinator

Your wedding superhero!

On the wedding day, you want smooth sailing joy, to be surrounded by love, and to create lifelong memories with friends and family. Yet there’s guaranteed to be a lot on your mind, so how can you ensure everyone (including you) truly gets to relax and soak in all the magic? Our number one tip is to hire a day-of coordinator!

A day-of coordinator is your own personal superhero. They provide emotional support and handle everything on the wedding day, so you can chill and enjoy the festivities. After all, how can you be expected to get married and manage the logistics of your event?

What’s the difference between a Day-Of Coordinator and a wedding planner?

A wedding planner works with couples to plan their wedding months or years in advance. They create design boards to inspire your vision, offer recommendations for the ideal vendor team (like florists and photographers), and manage logistics throughout the process.

Many couples enjoy the process of actively planning their wedding and opt for a day-of coordinator instead of a planner. A day-of coordinator joins the team closer to your wedding and is responsible for the day-of execution of your already-made plans.

You’ll meet with your coordinator four to six weeks before the big day to go over all the particulars of your wedding and create a thorough timeline. Your coordinator will advise you on last-minute details, communicate with your vendor team so everyone is on the same page, and ensure the flawless execution of your wedding vision.

Should I invest in a Day-of coordinator?

A day-of coordinator is ideal for couples who want someone to set up their wedding decor according to their specific vision. Also, couples looking to ensure everyone gets to relax and loved ones aren’t tasked with helping set up or clean up the decor at their wedding.


PRO TIP: Coordination is crucial if you’re planning many DIY projects or keen to ensure friends and family are relaxing on the wedding day instead of having to set up, clean up, or do other tasks. Hiring a coordinator ensures no one has to work the wedding.

What is the role of a Day-Of Coordinator?

A day-of coordinator will set all of your ceremony and reception decor

Your wedding decor is the backdrop for all your photos and memories, and you’ve spent so much time planning every detail. A day-of coordinator will expertly arrange your decor according to your specific vision. This frees loved ones and gives you the peace of mind that everything will be placed perfectly. Plus, your coordinator will pack everything to send home at night’s end.

A Day-of Coordinator Manages Your Wedding Timeline and Logistics

Your wedding day is full of events: the first look, the ceremony, your reception entrance, the first dance, the cake cutting, etc. each requires planning, arranging, people wrangling, and impeccable timing for the day to flow smoothly without feeling rushed. Your day-of coordinator keeps everything on track, moving the day along gently and communicating timeline adjustments to your vendor team, family, and wedding party when needed. They ensure people are in the right place for photos, toasts, and other important events and help wrangle the wedding party so no one gets too out of hand. You don’t need to think about when to cut the cake or whether things are running on schedule because your coordinator manages the timeline for you and keeps everyone in the loop.

A Day-of Coordinator Makes decisions And Handles Possible Snafus

No matter how meticulously you plan, one can’t account for the absurdities of everyday life, like forgetting something important, your officiant getting stuck in traffic, or buttons coming off the back of your dress. Beyond fluffing the train for photos and pinning boutonnieres, wedding coordinators are creative problem solvers who step in when things go wrong or prevent problems before they happen, such as fixing or adding small decor details when something is forgotten, like pens, zip ties, card boxes, crafting cake stands etc. Most wedding coordinators carry an emergency kit with supplies to fix almost any wardrobe or decor malfunction and are skilled at improvisation. In other words, their basically MacGyver.

PRO TIP: Couples sometimes overlook day-of wedding coordinators because it’s an investment in something you can’t hold, touch or see. The benefits may not be tangible, but peace of mind on the wedding day is priceless.

When should I book Coordination?

Wedding season is right around the corner! If you’re getting married this year, now’s the time to consider adding day-of coordination. Availability is limited; you must book atleast two months before the wedding. Contact our office to schedule a consultation.

PRO TIP: We love collaborating with all wedding coordinators, and we highly recommend the Abernethy coordination team because 1. They are amazing! and 2. They know the venue inside out and understand how everything works, which is experience you can’t top on such an important day.

Wedding Coordination at Abernethy Center

Abernethy Center offers full and partial-service wedding coordination, in addition to day-of. You can learn more about our coordination packages HERE.

“I never worried that things would go wrong because this team of awesome people made me confident in their ability to get the job done. All while being so gracious and kind.”

Stephanie, Abernethy Bride

About the author:

Sara O’Brien has been with Abernethy Center since 2017. She brings playful optimism and bottomless love of wedding celebrations to her role as Social Media Manager. Sara is a PNW native and nature lover who is passionate about spreading joy through honoring life’s big [and little] moments.

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