Why Couples are Making Weekdays the New Saturday, (and Saving!)

Let’s talk about choosing your wedding day!

It’s one of the first things you do when planning a wedding and an exciting milestone on the road to “I do.” This time of year, we hear from lots of newly engaged couples. These to-be-weds face a unique challenge as they discover venues and vendors are already heavily booked for 2021.

The pandemic led to a mass postponement of 2020 weddings to 2021, leaving slim availability for newly engaged couples hoping to tie the knot this year. At Abernethy, about half of our weddings initially scheduled for 2020 postponed to 2021, meaning the most sought-after Saturday wedding dates were snatched-up long ago, and from what we hear, this is an industry-wide phenomenon. Don’t be discouraged! You still have tons of options, and there are some significant benefits to having a weekday wedding.

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What is A Weekday Wedding?

Generally, any wedding that happens on a day other than Saturday falls into the weekday wedding category. These celebrations accounted for 1 in 3 weddings last year, according to The Knot. And are forecast to be even more popular in 2021. We’re scheduling more weekday weddings than ever at Abernethy Center as many couples opt for a weekday over having to wait another year or compromise on a beloved venue or vendor team.

Remember: Your love remains the same, regardless of whether your wedding is on a Saturday, Sunday, or Monday…

Welcome To The Weekday!

Addressing Possible Concerns

There are several common concerns we hear when suggesting a weekday wedding so I want to dispel those here and now! Some to-be-weds fear their guests won’t attend, or the party won’t be as much fun if their wedding is on a weekday. The truth is, your wedding day will feel magical no matter what day of the week. Your people; will relish the opportunity to dress up and celebrate your love! Think of how our concept of time has changed over the last year. Is the weekend really as significant as it once was? Most people aren’t going to the office nine-to-five these days. Our schedules are more flexible, and our desire for social interaction is stronger than ever. The majority of your loved ones will be thrilled to attend your wedding, regardless of the day of the week. Just be sure to give your guests advance notice so they can make necessary travel arrangements if coming from out of town.  And remember, to coordinate live streaming and videography to include loved-ones who can’t attend in person. 



Take a look at these gorgeous photos, all from weekday weddings.  Can you tell me what day it is? Probably not. Weekday weddings are just as festive and beautiful as their Saturday counterparts!

Make it A Long Weekend

When you opt for a weekday wedding, guests can turn the celebration into a mini-vacation giving you more time with family and friends. For example, Thursday weddings afford the full weekend to celebrate, decompress, and catch up with guests who’ve traveled, those who you may not get to see very often. Monday is popular since it immediately follows the weekend allowing guests to travel and settle-in. Plus, you can build excitement for the big event with a welcome party or Sunday brunch to kick off the festivities and connect with your loved ones.



Get More Bang For Your Wedding Buck

Scheduling your wedding on a weekday will usually save you money! Since Saturday is the most popular day of the week for weddings, it also tends to be the most expensive. From venue rentals to photographers, many vendors offer seriously discounted rates for Sunday-Friday weddings. At Abernethy, our venue site fees and food & beverage minimums are about 50% lower during the week than on a peak Saturday.  If you have champagne taste and a beer budget, booking your wedding on a weekday can stretch the spending plan and make the impossible possible, like that amazing floral installation, super unique photo wall, or whatever’s been dancing in your dreams!

Pro Tip: The Wednesday Secret

If you’re ready to tie the knot and flexible with your date, ask about Wednesdays! It’s the day vendors and venues are most likely to be available, even with just a few weeks’ notice.

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”

– James Dean.

Hosting weddings during the pandemic has proven the joyful art of celebration is equally meaningful with an intimate guest count, and on any day of the week.  2021 is all about availability, so why not embrace the idea of a weekday wedding? Especially now when people are genuinely craving (safe) connection and prioritizing relationships.

Remember, the most important thing about your wedding is: At the end of the day — any day — you’re married! 

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