How to Host a Prime Rib Wedding on a Penne Pasta Budget

Budget–it can be an intimidating word, especially when it comes to wedding planning. How do you plan the wedding of your dreams within a specified budget? How do you plan your timeless day without breaking the bank?

Most couples dive into wedding planning with a solid budget in mind, but when details start adding up your budget becomes more of a passing fancy than a steadfast guideline. This feels like an injustice to your moment! It is absolutely possible to plan and host a magical wedding without sacrificing the details that are most important to you, all while staying within your budget.

We’ve seen Prime Rib Weddings on a Penne Pasta budget achieved multiple times, and here are our top tips:

  • Prioritize: Take time with each other to list out your wedding day priorities and build your budget around them. How do you want to feel on your wedding day and what is the experience you want for yourselves and your guests? Knowing these things and consistently coming back to them will not only speed up your wedding decision-making process, but keep you accountable to your budget and vision for your day.
  • Date: Flexibility with your date can be crucial to saving money on your wedding! Give yourselves the opportunity to think outside the box, and opt for Thursday or Friday evening cocktail reception or a Sunday brunch wedding.
  • Season: Another consideration regarding wedding dates is the season of your wedding. Many venues and vendors offer discounts and specials during slower seasons, and there will be a greater range of available dates to choose from! Between stunning snow photos and warm color schemes, we have a feeling that winter weddings are going to quickly become a trend. Plus, everyone loves hot chocolate bars!
  • Guest Count: Finally, cut down your 10-page guest list. We all have a great-aunt Martha from Michigan who just HAS to have an invitation, but what is the likelihood of her actual attendance? Narrowing your guest list can be nitty gritty business, but will save you immensely in every aspect of your wedding planning. If you find yourself unable to cross names off your list, This Wedding Guest List flow chart from Wedding Forward will do it for you.

Ultimately, your wedding budget gives direction to your wedding vision. Knowing what your wedding day priorities are will establish a map to guide your decision making and allow you to be flexible with the smaller details. Be creative with the process and stay true to your vision, and you’ll be able to host a Prime Rib Wedding on a Penne Pasta budget!

Have more tips for saving money and staying within budget? We’d love to hear them! Share in the comments below!