Picking the Perfect Spot to say,  “I do !”

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION – While we often associate this common phrase with real estate, it also applies to weddings!  

Photography by SLF Weddings

Think about the last time you went out for a great meal with your love. Did your thoughts linger to the day of the week that you chose to go, or to the experience that you had together with the food, ambiance and libations!?!

All great memories are determined by who you are with, and where your are sharing the experience together. Many couples come to a venue visit with a specific wedding date in mind which can be a recipe for disappointment right out of the gate. Beautiful wedding venues book-up quickly. Being flexible on your date can not only help you have the memory you envision at the location of your dreams, but it can even save you money! Winter weddings are becoming more and more popular and not only because they’re super romantic, but the cost of the venue and other wedding services is considerably less expensive.

I know that certain dates can hold significance for some couples and I completely understand. If that’s the case for you, and it is compromising your venue options, consider creating a special tradition to commemorate that date as a couple such as an annual getaway to a your favorite lodge, weekend retreat or beach house.  It doesn’t have to be extravagant to be special. How about a romantic hike with a bottle of bubbly? The point is don’t compromise your dream wedding location for a date. Your wedding day is an expression and celebration of love. Find a venue that speaks to your heart!

Rather than being set on a specific date or day of the week, I recommend picking a season or time of the year that feels authentic to you, and then be flexible.  We have four beautiful seasons in Oregon and they all offer unique charm. Spring weddings are beautifully fresh with new blooms on the trees and sprouts coming-up everywhere.  Summer weddings are vibrant and sunny with long days and playful nights. Fall weddings are absolutely stunning with the change of colors and allow you to kick-off the holiday season early.  Winter weddings are all about romance with, gorgeous NW greenery and fun accessories. What speaks to you?

At the end of the day when you reflect back on your wedding your thoughts will be filled with the people who shared in your day and the beautiful setting you chose to say, “I do”. Location matters!