Wedding receptions are the ultimate party experience, and your wedding day is a moment in your life to enjoy pure bliss with friends and family!

Planning a tasteful wedding reception takes thought and time to ensure the energy level is maintained, that there’s food and drink for everyone, and plenty of “aww” moments to remember for a lifetime. We’ve compiled a guideline with expert advice, as well as things to avoid when creating the ultimate wedding reception!

Crucial Things to Plan

Event Timeline

Creating your event timeline is number one in ensuring a seamless wedding. Working with event specialists and coordinators to build a timeline that gives every moment a place is your event’s foundation. Granted, things may not align perfectly according to your timeline the day of, but it is essential to have and refer to throughout your festivities.

Photography Timeline

Additionally, setting a photo timeline is vital! Take the time to sit down with your photographer and create a photography timeline to line up with your actual event timeline, noting places for the absolute MUST photos you want captured.


Preferred Vendors

Most venues have a list of either required or preferred vendors, which is a great resource to pull from when hiring a wedding professional. Preferred vendors are fantastic to work with as they are familiar with the venue and their policies, so photographers will know the best locations for that magic shot, and florists will know where to decorate in focal point areas, etc. You can even receive discounts for working with the venue’s preferred vendors!

Professional DJ/MC

Along with hiring from your venue’s preferred vendor list, we stress the importance of a preferred and professional DJ/MC for your reception. In all honesty, your DJ/MC makes or breaks your party. They are called Masters of Ceremonies for a reason, as they are the ones who will maintain the energy and atmosphere. Professional DJs are excellent at capturing the personalities of couples and customizing the experience throughout their event.

Day of Coordinator

Working with a day of coordinator is another way to ensure a seamless wedding reception. While some venues offer this service, bringing in a coordinator who will aide in your wedding vision coming to life takes massive amounts of pressure off your shoulders. This person will keep everyone in check and make any day-of decisions while you enjoy being present at your party. If you are on a budget, consider asking a close friend who is detail-oriented with great organizational skills to be your right hand during your event preparation.

Crucial Things to Avoid

Post-Ceremony Photos

Try to allocate time for as many photos as you can prior to your ceremony. “First Look” photos are touching and priceless, as well as a beautiful private moment to share together before the whirlwind of the day hits.


Receiving Lines

Receiving lines are a tradition that is quickly becoming outdated. Many couples instead choose to mingle with guests during the reception and take a moment to dance and be merry rather than the formal meet and greet of a receiving line.

Lengthy Speeches

While everyone loves hearing embarrassing stories from your childhood and college days, try to limit your speeches during your formal toast. Encourage your speakers to outline what they’d like to say beforehand and give them a time limit so your guests can get back to dancing!


Maintaining your event timeline and working with professionals will alleviate pressure from you and ensure your wedding reception is seamless from start to finish. Your guests will feel valued and loved when they enjoy the party, and your wedding will stand out as one to go down in fairytale history.