Your wedding rehearsal is your pre-game warm up. Rehearsing sets your bridal party at ease and makes standing in front of a crowd practically second nature.

Often, your rehearsal is the first introduction of family members and friends, and we have put together what a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner actually mean, and the best ways to unite your team players before the wedding celebration!



Wedding Rehearsal

Primarily, your rehearsal is all about placement and choreography. You’ll be saving the sentimental moments and vows for the wedding ceremony itself. This means the entire process can be quick and straightforward! Your venue coordinator or day of coordinator will practice processional and recessional with all your key players until they could walk the aisle blindfolded. This will also be the prime time to ask last minute questions and finalize ceremony details.


Additional things to cover include music, especially if you are incorporating live musicians in your wedding ceremony. Typically it is helpful to run a sound check and time your processional songs to ensure they align with when your bridal party is walking the aisle. For more tips, check out this post on Wedding Wire!



When it comes down to the actual day of your rehearsal, don’t panic if your venue is unavailable at a day and time that works for your entire wedding party. We LOVE Tuesday and Wednesday evening rehearsals in place of the traditional day before run-through.

A weekday rehearsal gives you time in between to rest and debrief. Take the extra days to pamper yourself and relax. Pack for the wedding morning and honeymoon, confirm itinerary with bridal party, practice your vows, manicures/pedicures/facials, and most importantly, SLEEP!


Rehearsal Dinner

Your rehearsal dinner is the party to kick off the partying! This is the opportunity to gather close friends and family before the whirlwind of the wedding ceremony and reception.

Keep in mind any pre-wedding events shouldn’t outshine the main event! Your rehearsal dinner should capture your personality in a unique way that may not be highlighted otherwise.

While the wedding is all about the happy couple, the rehearsal dinner is all about the family! Keep family at the forefront when planning your dinner, as this will be the most intimate time everyone will have together before the wedding bells.

Now, “rehearsal dinner” is traditional language, but who says your rehearsal dinner needs to be a dinner?! Rehearsal brunches are already an adorable trend! Complete with mimosas and mini pancakes, what is not to love about a morning/mid-afternoon brunch party? Some of our favorite brunch menu ideas include a build-your-own waffle station or crepe station! Check out this inspiration post by Notey for extra charming brunch ideas.



Backyard barbecues are another rising rehearsal dinner trend, especially for summer weddings. A barbecue is a laid back way to connect with your family over burgers and beers. It can also be a great contrast if your wedding is a black-tie event to have a mellow evening prior to the wedding day.



Extra non-conventional rehearsal dinner trends can be found in this post by A Practical Wedding. What’s your favorite rehearsal dinner theme? Share in the comments below!