Wedding Wisdom: What to do with your Wedding Decor


You spend months carefully curating wedding decor; planning, collecting, buying, and DIYing to bring your vision to life.  And then, once the wedding day passes and the celebration is over, most couples inevitably find themselves asking, ”What the heck do we do with all this stuff!?”

There are probably a few meaningful things you’ll cherish and want to keep, but realistically you won’t have space or use for most of it.  Furthermore, you don’t need to feel obligated to keep something just because it was part of your wedding.  Here are my top tips for what do to with all of that beautiful wedding decor after the big day:

  • Gift it: Chances are you have a friend or family member getting married in the next year or so. Ask if they’d like to use any of your supplies. Vases, candles, and (non-personalized) signs are especially popular re-use items because they’re universal to most wedding styles. 
  • Sell it: When I was getting married, I basically lived on Facebook Wedding buy, sell, trade pages! There are plenty of brides out there looking for discounted Items to help build their big day! Help a Sista out and sell her the goods!
  • Repurpose it: Find a way to incorporate the things that are especially meaningful into your permanent home decor. For me, there were a few items that I just couldn’t bear to part with after the wedding so I found sweet ways to keep them around the house and act as little reminders of our special day!


Remember the Marie Kondo Method — If it doesn’t bring you joy let it go. You’ll likely feel a sentimental attachment to everything associated with your wedding, but once the big day is done your wedding decor has served its purpose.