Wedding Wisdom – DIY

This one is for all my DIY fans that want to put together their own wedding décor! Whether it’s to save on money or you just want to bring your own unique style to life, or maybe a combination of both, DIY’s are a perfect way  to get creative with your wedding day decorations.  Whether you’re an experienced DIY’er or a newbie, I highly recommend giving yourself a minimum of 6 months to plan, pick and produce your projects.
The benefits of planning are endless, but my top three are as follows:
(1) By allowing plenty of time to plan it gives you freedom to make changes and do something different if your first ideas don’t hit the mark.
(2) It gives you peace of mind to explore Pinterest and play around before making a final decision on what you are going to do and it If affords you the opportunity to have help in advance to put everything together and not be rushed in the process (gathering with friends on a project is at least half the fun of DIY!)
(3) Finally, it allows you to share a very intimate personal side of yourself with your friends and family making your wedding truly an expression of you and your fiancee.