Wedding Wisdom – Don’t Stress about the Weather

I was a nervous wreck in the days leading up to my outdoor wedding.  Everything was planned to perfection, but one major detail alluded my control and it gnawed at my brain relentlessly as the day approached. What if it rains?!?!  The sheer fact that this was the one thing I had no control over seemed to make my mind fixate even more. In the end, we didn’t have any raindrops, which was a relief; but my greater realization was that it wouldn’t have mattered if it had poured rain from dawn til dusk.  Once the wedding was underway, weather worries were the furthest thing from my mind. All that mattered was marrying my best friend surrounded by friends and family.

Most venues have a weather plan, and although it may not fit your ultimate wedding vision, that actually does not matter. What does matter is the love that the two of you share, and the promises you’re about to make.  Looking back I wish I hadn’t wasted so much energy leading up to my wedding worrying about something I couldn’t control. So please, my dear fellow brides, DON’T STRESS about WEATHER!  I know it’s easier said than done, but trust me – it’ll just add unnecessary stress to an already busy week.  There’s just no upside to weather worries.