Wedding Wisdom – Food: A Wedding Day Must!

Make eating on your wedding day a priority! It’s an old stereotype but it’s true, too often couples go all day, on the Big Day, without eating! It’s totally understandable given the nerves and everything moving so quickly on your wedding day, but we want you to have the best experience possible – and you are going to have more fun if you’re nourished! 


Plan ahead to, 1) have a solid breakfast on your wedding morning. If you’re just too excited to eat, make a smoothie!  2) Coordinate with the venue to ensure there are snacks on hand throughout the day for you and your squad. (3) Don’t forget about hydration!! Drink water throughout the day and continue on into the reception. It will keep you feeling fresh and offset some of the champagne you may be drinking during the festivities! My final piece of advice is to take time to enjoy your well-planned wedding reception dinner; you and your fiancé selected this meal together and it’s finally time to savor it!  If you’re absolutely too distracted by all the celebrating, we’ve got you covered! Abernethy Center always sends a to-go package home with the newlyweds that has a sampling of all the food served at the wedding along with a bottle of champagne to enjoy together in the quiet of your honeymoon suite.