Wedding Wisdom: Hustle Your Bustle

Photography: The Knot


Wedding dress bustles date back centuries and as long as we ladies keep wearing beautiful gowns with a train to follow, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Bustles not only add a nice boost to your caboose post-ceremony but they hike up your wedding dress train so you can walk, dance, and mingle a little easier throughout your reception. When it comes time for your final dress fitting it’s important that you take a trusted bridesmaid or two with you so that they can learn to tackle this task day-of. Due to the stealth nature of bustles (camouflaged buttons and hard to find loops), they are tricky and time-consuming so it’s important that everyone pay attention and practice before the big day.

Pro tip: If you can, you and your bustle team find a well-lit space to take care of the bustle day-of; nothing worse than trying to find a loop hidden in lace in a room with one lamp!