Wedding Wisdom: Incorporate a Unity Ceremony

Photography: Emily Ann Photo


The unity ceremony can be a powerful visual and symbolic element of your wedding and allows you to incorporate tradition into the celebration in a way that’s meaningful to you as a couple. It’s usually woven into the wedding ceremony itself to symbolize the joining of lives, families, and communities. Most importantly, it showcases your unique background, beliefs, and especially your creativity. Here are a few ideas for unity ceremonies that can be adapted for most modern couples. 


  • Tree Planting/Watering: The couple either plant or water a small potted tree together during the ceremony to symbolize the love, care, and nurturing needed to grow your life together. This is my favorite but I may be a little biased, this is what my husband and I did for our wedding day!
  • Shared Beverage: For the more casual and fun-loving couple, chose to share your favorite craft beer, cocktail, or wine as a fun way to “Cheers” your way to the “I dos”!
  • Love letters: Add something into your ceremony that’ll provide a happy surprise, later on, by writing love letters to one another that’ll be locked away in a box during the ceremony for opening on a future anniversary. You can never go wrong with a love letter!!!


Pro tip: If you choose to incorporate a unity ceremony into your wedding pick one that speaks to the two of you as a couple, something that excites you and is unique and personal to your relationship! Here’s a resource with some more ideas