Wedding Wisdom – Let’s Talk Venue Tours

When it comes to venue tours, use your time and energy wisely!  I recommend visiting 3-5 venues max.  I know some of you really want to explore ALL the options, but once couples start nearing the double-digits in venue tours most report feeling exhausted and overwhelmed (which is no fun for anyone!) So narrow down your list of prospective venues before you start touring.  Sit down, look at pictures, and really think about the vibe you are looking for; Garden? Modern? Bohemian? Maybe you have a couple of themes in mind, just try to refine your vision as much as possible, then make a list of venues.  You can narrow the list even more by contacting each venue for a price quote before your tour, allowing you to rule-out spots that don’t work with your spending plan.

Takeaway:  Don’t overdo your venue visits, 3 to 5 is the sweet spot.  More than that and you might end up overwhelmed and confused about what you want the wedding to look like.