Wedding Wisdom- Phones & Speeches

Ever notice that the vows, toasts, and speeches are always among the most heartfelt moments of a wedding? These are the moments that really let guests in on your love story and help them get to know you better as a couple — it’s when everyone laughs and everyone cries. So with these personal moments, I highly recommend going old school with paper and a pen rather than reading from a phone screen. Phones and Speeches just don’t vibe well together.

Speeches are also heavily photographed aspects of your wedding so it’s worth thinking about how the pictures are going to look.  Would you be frustrated if the wedding pics come back and there’s not a good shot of your maid of honor’s toast because there’s an iPhone blocking their face? It’s totally acceptable to ask people who are giving toasts or speeches to use notecards instead, just be sure to let them know ahead of the wedding day.  And for the couple, there are really cute vow books that can be personalized with your names and wedding date.  Not only do they look elegant and sweet in pictures, but it’s the perfect keepsake to remind you of those precious promises!

Pro Tip: My husband and I hand wrote our vows and following the wedding I put together a shadow box with some of my dried flowers, his dried boutonniere, our favorite wedding photo, and of course the original handwritten vows! I found this to be the perfect way for me to preserve them while having the display as a constant reminder of our love!