Wedding Wisdom: Plan & Prepare For MARRIAGE, Not Just The Wedding!

BREAKING NEWS! Marriage is work and planning and preparing for your marriage is the most crucial element to the wedding planning process. No matter how long the two of you have been together you never understand the weight of marriage until you’re in it. I know it sounds weird and maybe a little spooky but this commitment is big and a lot comes with finally claiming Mr. & Mrs. It’s never too late or too early to start working on your marriage and there are a TON of resources out there to guide you. There is no perfect way of doing things or right or wrong way, you and your love must simply be willing to find the ways that work for your relationship; here are a few things that have worked for mine:

  • Love Languages: We started our marriage work by taking a love language quiz and hung our results up on the refrigerator! It’s so easy to slip out of loving someone how they need to be loved and start loving them how we need to be loved. Having a reminder of Love Languages on the fridge acts as a daily reminder on how to love one another, a check-in point for those times when we need a little help on what actions are important to the other.  
  • Fights: We had an in-depth talk about how each of us feels when the other reacts to fights or situations that cause fights. This talk opened up both eyes to reactions we didn’t know we were presenting and allowed the opportunity for us to get some things off our chest while taking a look at how we treat one another in intense situations.
  • Values: We each made a list of 5 things we value individually. Then we made a list together of 5 things we value as a couple. We made a commitment to each set of values. We committed to supporting each other’s values to allow growth for our spouse. Then we made a commitment to the things we value as a couple and make sure there is room for those values in our everyday life.

Here’s the truth, marriage isn’t always easy but the moment you two say “I do” you are making a commitment to continuously work at it, and that is a beautiful thing!