Wedding Wisdom – Spend the Night at Home

If your wedding venue is close to home, my husband and I both 10/10 recommend spending your wedding night in your own home rather than a hotel! Now, I know you might feel pampered in a hotel, but I cannot express enough how much coming home to our fur babies and own bed after such a long day meant to us. This sweet, end of day detail holds a special place in our wedding day festivities, allowing us to end it all in the comfiest space we know, HOME!

If this sounds like something you and your fiancé are interested in here are a few tips to ensure optimal comfort at the end of the day: (1) Make sure the house is tidy!  You don’t want to come home to a mess. (2) Have a nice made bed. There is nothing like a fresh, clean made bed at the end of a long day. (3) SNACKS! Make sure the fridge and cabinets are stocked with your favorite snacks. At the end of the day I promise you will likely be hungry and will want to curl up to something yummy…aside from your new husband or wife!