WEDDING WISDOM: The Reception Flies By – Prioritize Your Time!!!

Overall, my wedding day was just about perfect! The weather was warm and mild for our outdoor ceremony, all of our most important loved ones were there to celebrate, and most importantly, it was our first day as husband and wife!  But, looking back there’s one thing about the wedding day I would change. I wish my husband and I spent more time together after saying: “I do!” The reception went by in a flash and wanting to be a good hostess, I made a point of connecting with every single person in attendance.  The downside was that I often found myself separated from my new husband.  Overall, I spent more time chatting with acquaintances and less time on the dance floor than I would’ve liked.  I learned that you have to plan for the experience you want to have, and that absolutely includes prioritizing reception activities.

PRO TIP: As your wedding approaches talk about how you want the day to go.  Decide as a couple how you plan to spend your time and set priorities for connecting with family, out-of-town guests, and of course, time together as newly minted spouses.  Spelling out your priorities in advance will ensure you have the experience you want on your wedding day, with no regrets for missed memories later on!