Wedding Wisdom – Wedding Reception Seating Arrangements

 Assigned Seats vs Open Seating, it’s an age-old debate.  Some couples opt for open seating based on the idea that allowing guests to sit where they want will make people feel more comfortable and simplify the wedding planning checklist by eliminating your need to make a seating chart. It sounds like a win-win, but things get more complex once the wedding day rolls around, which is why we highly recommend you make a seating chart for your guests.  Putting the responsibility on your guests to figure out how to seat themselves often results in a chaotic start to the reception and at least a few awkward interactions as people navigate where and with whom to dine.  We’ve seen guests move chairs and table settings around or deny other guests seats that are “saved”. It can actually have the effect of making your reception feel more complicated and less inclusive.  Experience has taught us that things are much more seamless for your guests to have a reserved seat. A seating arrangement creates an inclusive environment in which everyone feels welcome and it doesn’t have to be stuffy or formal, modern couples are using this as an opportunity to get creative and further personalize the wedding. 

PRO TIP: The creative possibilities are endless when it comes to extending your theme, colors, and style into your seating chart. Just a casual scroll through Pinterest will give you a ton of ideas.  We’ve seen couples use mirrors, wood signs, chalk boards, picture frames, or even vintage window panes. It’s an opportunity to get bold and be creative, so have fun!