Wedding Wisdom- Weekday Weddings!

  When working with couples, we often help counsel them on choosing a wedding date and aren’t shy about recommending weekday weddings. To this many couples initially respond with surprise and sometimes even unease. We’re big fans of the Weekday Wedding and don’t feel like it gets a fair shake in popular opinion, hopefully, I can change some minds with a little behind-the-scenes Wedding Wisdom.  There are a lot of perceived ‘shoulds’  when it comes to planning a wedding and one of those norms happens to be around the day of the week you choose for your nuptials. Couples often think that to have the wedding of their dreams, and for all their guests to show-up that they have to hold their wedding on a weekend, but that just isn’t the case!  There are a number of benefits to having your wedding on a weekday and one of the biggest is that you’ll likely save a bunch of money. Most venues have a lower rental fee for weekday weddings. For example, here at Abernathy, the site rental fee for a summer Saturday is $5800 whereas a summer Weekday is just $2150…talk about a discount! I also want to assure you that if you do decide to host your wedding on a weekday, please know that your guest WILL show up! We often forget what weddings all are about! They are about union, togetherness, and love. With over 20 years in business, we have been witness to many weekday weddings and can say without reserve,  your friends and family want to share in your union and all the love and togetherness, no matter what the day of the week! xo