Wedding Wisdom: Your Maid / Man / Matron of Honor’s Most Important Wedding Day Duties

Photography: Julia Green Photography 


                 When your Maid / Man / Matron of Honor signs on to their MOH duties they’re promising to take care of you throughout the entire planning process and most importantly day-of! On the big day, your MOH’s mission is to do pretty much any and everything you, the bride, might need. As an example, here’s a shortlist with some of your MOH’s most important wedding day duties:

1. Personal Bodyguard: Now when I say this I’m not advising they tackle anyone, I am simply saying that they’re going to be the one receiving any and all communication pertaining to the wedding! Make the MOH your point person so that if something needs taken care of or if things aren’t going as planned they can deal with it that for you — no one wants a stressed-out bride!

2. Fluffer & Flower Holder: Ceremony duties in 3 easy steps:

        1. MOH hands their bouquet to the bridesmaid next to them.

        2. They fluff your dress when you arrive at the altar so everyone can see that beautiful train… and so you don’t trip.

        3. MOH then takes your bouquet and holds it for the remainder of the ceremony.

3. Can I get a witness? Following the ceremony, but before you and your love can sneak away for photos, there’s the legal formality of signing your marriage license, and your MOH is usually one of two people who will sign as a witness to your vows.

Pro Tip: A couple of days before the wedding have a chat with your MOH to go over wedding day plans, timeline, and expectations so they’re prepared no matter what comes up!