fresh & new for 2022

It’s a new year full of possibilities! And 2022 has a nice ring to it. Don’t you think?

Over the past few years, we’ve had a practice of setting an intention or choosing a word at the start of each year. Similar to making a resolution, it helps us move toward a goal, And just as important, it keeps us grounded when things don’t go as planned.

This year, we’re setting an intention for the Abernethy blog; cultivate community! Why? While we’re still dealing with and recovering from the pandemic, we all need loving connections more than ever!

what does it mean to cultivate community?

We immediately think of sharing, partnership, camaraderie, commonality, and love. As a wedding venue, we interact with people during an extraordinary time in life. Every marriage celebration is unique, yet this rite of passage has more similarities than differences across cultures and traditions. Love’s journey is one of the most universally worthwhile things we have as humans. At Abernethy Center, we’re constantly uplifted and inspired by our couples and the power of love!

We post a lot of beautiful wedding photography on Abernethy social. It’s exciting to see how everything turns out on the wedding day, a culmination of months, even years of planning, but it still only paints a partial picture.  There are countless joy-filled moments in the festivities and preparations leading up to your wedding day. 

As part of the intention to cultivate community, we want to amplify all these special moments and create a space where to-be-weds can connect in their shared journey.

Join Us!

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The proposal: That magical moment captured on photo or video + Sweet stories about how they asked.

Saying Yes to the Dress (or Suit): The ups and downs of finding a perfect fit + your “yes to the dress” moment & all the shoutouts to amazing shopping squads, bridal stylists etc!

Being showered in love: Wedding showers, shopping trips, squad weekends. Show us how you and your partner celebrate the transition with friends and family.

Tasting Cake: One of the most delicious parts of planning a wedding. Show us your cake inspiration and those scrumptious flavors.

Day-of feelings and emotions: Getting ready in the suites + enjoying a champagne toast & of course your wedding ready happy dance!

Be Featured & Get Inspired

See yourself featured on Abernethy social, be uplifted by others, and gather inspiration from fellow to-be-weds.

Whether recently engaged or about to say “I do,” Abernethy invites you to share your wedding planning experience from the proposal to those unpredictable day-of emotions and everything in between. We’re here to amplify these special moments and create a space where to-be-weds can connect in their shared journey.

Let The Sharing Begin!

It’s me, Sara!

Since 2017 I’ve been the person behind Abernethy social and our Smooch blog. It’s perfect because I’m somewhere between an enthusiast and a fiend for love stories! Add beautiful flowers, delicious food, and joyful people; it doesn’t get any better than that! My happy place is playing with our beloved couples and fellow wedding professionals via Abernethy social!  I thrive on excitement, love people, and adore my job at Abernethy Center!

Join me to gather inspiration. See beautiful wedding photos. And read inspiring stories about our couples like you!

It’s 2022, a fresh and new year full of possibilities. Let’s tackle it together with greater connection and an eye on community. You can rely on the Abernethy team for support when wedding planning gets stressful. Your Event Specialist is just an email away. And I, Sara, am always on the other end of Abernethy dms. Don’t forget we’re one of your biggest resources and greatest cheerleaders on the road to I do. And you’re traveling a common path with countless couples. Let’s leverage our commonality to connect more deeply, share candidly, and remind others of the power of love! My intention for the year is to cultivate community, but I can’t do it alone. Join us on Abernethy social, subscribe to the blog, and help us create a space all about sharing love’s magical journey in all its messy but beautiful authentic splendor.

Smooch is the official blog of Abernethy Center. A full-service wedding and reception venue just on the outskirts of Portland in the heart of historical Oregon City, Abernethy Center has two distinct gardens, a gorgeous chapel, and an elegant Grand ballroom spread out over 9 acres. With twenty years in business, an expert culinary team, and a tremendous staff experienced in providing exceptional service, we have everything for the perfect, uniquely yours Oregon wedding. 

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