WEDDING WISDOM: Play The Shoe Game!


Photography: Steele Photography

Couples are getting creative when it comes to entertaining their guests and maintaining safe social distance with lively reception games that will get everyone belly laughing. The most popular is the wedding shoe game: an adorable newlywed game that’s always a hit!

How to Play 

First, decide on your list of questions, or better yet have your wedding party develop the list so that both of you are completely surprised when they are asked. At your reception, sit back-to-back each holding one of your own shoes and one of your partners’ shoes. Then someone like the DJ asks you both a series of silly questions, you raise the correct shoe of who you think fits the answer.

You can make the game even more interactive for your guests by handing-out signs with the bride’s and groom’s names or pic so they can weigh-in on each question from their seats.

Sample Questions For The Wedding ShoeGame

Here are 30 shoe game questions to get your imagination flowing.  Keep the questions light, funny, and not too serious. 

  1. Who made the first move?
  2. Who said, “I love you.” first?
  3. Who’s the better shower singer?
  4. Who always replaces the toilet paper roll?
  5. Who has a cleaner car?
  6. Who’s better when it comes to directions?
  7. Who takes the longest to get ready?
  8. Who’s the better cook?
  9. Who wakes up first?
  10. Who is more likely to be running late?
  11. Who handles the groceries?
  12. Who’s a better tipper?
  13. Who spends more time staring at their phone?
  14. Who’s tidier?
  15. Who hogs the blankets when you are sleeping?
  16. Who snores louder?
  17. Who’s more likely to lose their keys/wallet?
  18. Who’s moodier?
  19. Who’s more likely to get a traffic ticket?
  20. Who’s always hungry?
  21. Who will squeeze the toothpaste from the middle of the tube?
  22. Who hogs the remote more?
  23. Who’s better at assembling gadgets?
  24. Who’s more likely to start an argument?
  25. Who’s more likely to finish an argument?
  26. Who does the dishes more?
  27. Who is the clumsier?
  28. Who’s the best gift-giver?
  29. Who’s more adventurous?
  30. Who’s more stubborn?

I’ll be talking about more fun (and social distance friendly) reception activities on Wedding Wisdom for the next few weeks so stay tuned!