Your Abernethy Team


Last month we talked about the value of full-service venues. This month we’re honing in on one of the key elements that make Abernethy unique, our detail-oriented team approach to executing every wedding.  Experience has taught us that even simple celebrations have a lot of moving parts, and most people who embark on planning a wedding have never done so before.  

Our team approach means you have someone experienced to guide you every step of the way.  Abernethy is your partner from the day you sign your venue contract, until your celebratory wedding exit.

The Wedding Team of your Wedding Dreams!

Event Specialists, Culinary, Property, Event Staff, Operations, Design Experts, Coordinators… oh my! 

Most couples spend about a year planning their wedding.  It’s a long journey with a lot of emotions along the way, so we provide a wedding expert at your disposal every step of the way.  The person you’ll work with most is your Event Specialist. Their role is to coordinate everything related to the venue, event timeline, and menu on behalf of Abernethy so your wedding celebration unfolds without a hitch! Beyond the logistics, the Event Specialist is your wedding guidance guru, ready to offer recommendations and creative solutions or help calm your nerves when things get overwhelming.

“I never worried that things would go wrong because this team of awesome people made me confident in their ability to get the job done. All while being so gracious and kind.”

Stephanie, Abernethy Bride

The Secret Sauce is Behind the Scenes

Your Event Specialist works closely with our culinary, logistics, and property teams to translate your wedding vision into reality. If you’ve read our reviews, you’ll notice that many of them mention the delicious food and/or beauty of the venue.

While you may not interact with the Chefs or Property Manager they are a big part of your wedding success so let’s meet these talented folks behind the scenes.

Your Delicious Meal: Meet the Abernethy Chefs!

Like you, we love good food! Abernethy Chefs, Barry & Robert are culinary artists, and they love what they do. Everything is prepared fresh, on-site with the majority of our ingredients being locally sourced, like our produce which is harvested from two family farms in Oregon City. The chefs maintain close relationships with all of our vendors to ensure only the best goes into your wedding meal. Exclusive in-house catering means we can guarantee a consistently fresh and delicious meal is served at every event.

“The food was incredible!!” 

Kate, Abernethy Bride

Your Beautiful Surroundings: Say Hello to our Property Manager!

The ambiance for your wedding day comes courtesy of our Abernethy property team who take pride in meticulously maintained grounds that make you feel a world away from the everyday.  Our property is large, about nine acres, and requires daily landscape maintenance. Osvaldo, our Abernethy Property Manager lives onsite year-round, to ensure the grounds are beautifully kept and naturally beautiful.

“It feels like you’re in your own little fairytale world when you’re there.”

Stephanie, Abernethy Bride

Your Abernethy Wedding Day: All Hands On Deck!

“I truly felt like a princess on my big day and all our guests were impressed with the venue and staff.” -Kylie, Abernethy Bride

Once the big day finally arrives, your Ceremony & Reception are managed by a professional team with two primary points of contact, your Ceremony Manager and Event Manager.

“The actual wedding day was more than I could have hoped for. Everything went off perfectly (or if things didn’t, I had no idea because they are that good).”

Chris M. , Abernethy Groom

CEREMONY MANAGER: When you arrive on your wedding day you will be greeted by your Ceremony Manager and directed to your getting-ready suites. He, or she, will be serving you light snacks and an assortment of beverages to partake in while you are getting dressed and ready for your ceremony. They’re available for questions or last-minute needs such as safety pins or fabric steamers.  The Ceremony Manager has two primary roles: 1) To make sure you’re fully taken care of before the wedding, and 2) To coordinate the ceremony and queue, everyone, down the aisle.

EVENT MANAGER: Once you’ve said  “I Do,” the celebration truly begins!  Your reception is when you get to bask in the loving glow of your friends and family, savor that long-awaited wedding meal and cut loose on the dancefloor.  Abernethy provides an experienced Event Manager to be the person in charge at your reception so your nearest and dearest can relax and enjoy the party. They oversee the Abernethy event staff, coordinate with your outside vendors (like photographer, florist, and DJ), and manage any unexpected situations that may arise. The Event Manager is there to make sure your reception goes smoothly and will be your last point of contact at the end of the night by sending you off into married life with a to-go bag of all the food served at your wedding and a bottle of bubbly to enjoy later.

At Abernethy, We Love What We Do!

Every wedding we host is a true collaboration and team effort. We invest in every one of our staff to ensure that they are not only trained in the art of service but more importantly, that they are great humans!  You just can’t fake love or authentic caring. Couples choose Abernethy Center, not just for the beauty of the venue, but because we love what we do and it reflects in our team! We make the process look easy and we care; truly the recipe of great service. Once you get married with us, you’re part of the Abernethy family for life.

We have couples come back years later to take family photos where they once stood to say their vows, or stop by the office to “say hi” because they’re in town on a road trip. We’ve even had couples return to Abernethy Center to celebrate their wedding anniversary! Our purpose as a full-service venue is to bring people together to celebrate the joy that it is to love and be loved, and we express that commitment through our one and only Abernethy Team!

xo Sara

Abernethy Center is truly one of a kind! A full-service wedding and reception venue just on the outskirts of Portland in the heart of historical Oregon City. Our property features two distinct gardens, a gorgeous chapel and a classic, elegant Grand ballroom spread out over 9 acres. With nearly twenty years in business, an expert culinary team, and a tremendous staff experienced in providing exceptional service, we have everything for the perfect, uniquely yours Oregon wedding. 

Abigail’s Garden —– Veiled Garden—–Abernethy Chapel—–Grand Ballroom