Your Wedding Guest Count — Making less into More!

As intimate weddings have gained popularity we’ve seen guest counts getting smaller over the last few years, and now with COVID, small celebrations will probably be the norm for a while.  I know it can be challenging to narrow the guest list, especially if you’d rather not have to, but I learned a few things from my own wedding that’ll help you confidently tighten-up that guest count, here are my top three tips!

  1. Keep in mind that you’re NOT obligated to invite anyone you don’t want to! Really, it’s your day!  My fiance and I unwittingly let our guest-list get away from us when we started inviting people out of a sense of obligation. As a result, I found myself chit-chatting with guests all evening rather than enjoying more of the things I’d been really looking forward to…like dancing the night away and spending time with family from out of town.  
  2. Use the Marie Kondo method! When looking over your list, ask yourself does that person spark joy for you? This is your momentous occasion and it should be filled with people who support and uplift you as a couple. Only invite the people who you’re genuinely excited to spend your wedding day with.
  3. Remember that a more intimate guest list leaves more money for other things that might want to have on your big day! For example, if you really wanted to have a videographer but it wasn’t fitting in the budget, you can always revisit your guest list!

Pro tip: Now that you narrowed down your list the tough part is letting those that aren’t invited know. Here’s how to let them down easy and with grace:

  1. Find your reason: Before making the call have your explanation of why they aren’t invited ready to go so you won’t get flustered. It’s ok to let them know it’s out of your hands; you can blame the budget, COVID venue capacity, or just let them know you guys are planning something intimate.
  2. Get straight to the point! No need to give an elaborate story or beat around the bush, just be authentic.
  3. Reassure them of your love! Make plans for a one on one get together or outing at another time. This is letting them know they are still important to you and that you care!